Blue Dog Painting Brisbane & Maintenance recognises that sustainability is vital to the future of our industry, and as such, have introduced the following environmentally friendly practices to our business:

Water efficiency.

With Brisbane having just experienced one of the worst droughts in it’s history, Blue Dog Painting¬†& Maintenance was the first painting company in the state to be registered with the Queensland Water Commission as a water efficient operator. From 1 January 2013, the Queensland Water Commission ceased operations, however Blue Dog Painting & Maintenance will continue to consider water efficiency in everything we do.

Dulux Enviro Wash System.

Our adoption of the Dulux Enviro Wash ensures no contaminants are released into the local environment. At all times we strive to complete all work at customer premises with maximum consideration for the environment.

Reduce, re-use and recycle.

We encourage reduction in the consumption of all materials whilst promoting re-use and recycling whenever possible. We have a contract with Visy Recycling, Australia’s largest recycling company, which allows us to recycle all paper, glass, metal and plastic waste. We also recycle steel paint tins through SIMS Metal when viable.


Blue Dog Painting & Maintenance  has made it company policy to place more of our business with suppliers who minimise the impact of their activities on the environment.

Car Pooling.

We minimise fuel consumption and greenhouse emissions by encouraging our employees to car pool when travelling to job sites. We use a 5 seater van to carry our painters and equipment to long distance jobs.


Blue Dog Painting & Maintenance were leading the way by being the first in our industry to join GreenFleet . Trees are planted to offset our company vehicle admissions. This program also covers the electricity used by our office equipment and air conditioning, along with any plane travel that we carry out through the year.

Recycled paper stock.

We print our marketing materials on EcoStar a recycled paper stock from the Raleigh Paper range. ecoStar is the first of a new generation of 100% recycled uncoated papers that combines the whiteness, visual appeal, printability and runability of virgin papers with environmental awareness.

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