Green Fleet

Green Fleet by Bluedog Painting

Green Fleet Australia is a not-for-profit organisation that focuses on reducing the impact of greenhouse gas emissions form Australian transport.

Climate change caused by the excessive burning of fossil fuels is one of the most pressing issues faced by mankind. Transport is the fastest growing sources of global greenhouse gas emissions.

Green Fleet reduces the impact of vehicles on the environment through its Trees & Technology program:

  • Planting native trees to soak up greenhouse gas emissions
  • Promoting fuel-efficient vehicle technologies and low-carbon fuels in order to substantially reduce emissions in the future.

Our policy is to plan the trees in areas of environmental concern, putting back into the Australian bush the original mix of species that had existed prior to cleaning. Greenfleet’s largest planting project is Murray Darling Rescue, an ongoing partnership with Scouts Australia, which aims to help bring life back to the area by planting millions of native trees.

Since 1997, Greenfleet has planted more than 2.3 million native trees at over 260 sites throughout VIC, SA, NSW, QLD , WA and the ACT on behalf of motorists and organisations. These forests will not be harvested and will create an investment in rural Australia for future generations.

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