Health & Safety Policy

Health & Safety Policy

Blue Dog Painting & Maintenance is actively aware of its responsibility to its employees, customers and the community. We believe that protecting the environment should be everybody’s business, and accordingly, we have taken steps to actively practice an OHS and E policy.

Committed to managing our environmental impacts, Blue Dog Painting & Maintenance has made the commitment to undertake the following:

1. Place objectives, implement risk-management programs and introduce safe systems of work and provide adequate and appropriate resources necessary to implement this policy.

2. Work positively in association with our employees and subcontractors to develop and maintain a positive safety culture and promote healthy lifestyles in the working environment.

3. Present our employees with suitable and sufficient information, direction, and training to enable them to work safely.

4. Conform to, and where appropriate exceed, the requirements of all relevant legislation and regulations.

5. Promote the use of environmentally friendly processes and materials and encourage reduction in the consumption of all materials whilst promoting re-use and re-cycling whenever possible, this is made possible on sites by using the Dulux Enviro wash system.

6. Place more of our business with suppliers who minimize the impact of their activities on the environment, and work with suppliers to achieve that end.

7. Complete all work at customer premises with maximum consideration for the environment.

8. At all times be a good neighbour, through open relationships with both authorities and the community.

Blue Dog Painting & Maintenance takes on the responsibility to ensure that the framework for setting and reviewing this policy will be maintained and reviewed annually to meet its obligations for continual improvement of its objectives and targets.

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