Luke’s Story

Several weeks after the Brisbane Floods Wet Paint-Ting received an e-mail from Luke requesting a quote on the costs of repainting his home inside and out as his insurance company had denied his flood claim. He now faced the mammoth task of rebuilding his life and home from scratch with no help from the insurance company.

After reading Luke’s e-mail I contacted his to make arrangements to inspect his home at Rocklea. After my visit I contacted Dulux and spoke to Mark Phillips to see if Dulux would be willing to partner with Wet Paint-Ting in donating the paint required to repaint Luke’s home as part of Wet Paint-Tings Paint Wish Program.

Normally the Paint Wish Program is capped at a $2000 paint job, however after what Luke and the rest of Brisbane had just been through I decided that I wanted to help. I am pleased to say that Dulux were happy to help, so the next day I contacted Luke and told him about our program and that Dulux was also happy to help out. He was relieved that the repainting of his home was one bill he didn’t have to worry about. Luke’s home now looks great and Luke was able to put the money he had set aside to repaint into refurnishing his home.


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