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Blue Dog Painting Spray on stencil is a unique process that can be used on old, as well as new concrete. Spray on stencil allows precision and finer detail, as the process is completed in a series of steps. If spray on stencil is to be used on new concrete, a 28 day curing time is advised, in the case of old concrete with cracks we can repair the cracks before preparation for new surface. Exposed aggregate is another surface we can go over to make smooth in preparation for final coats.

In keeping with our use of quality products, we only use Stencilshield Spray on paving which is recognised for its strength, durability, flexibility, resilience and is virtually maintenance free.

Additionally, textured finish spray on paving may lessen the risk of skidding or slipping in wet areas around the home and near pools; an ideal safety surface.

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