Graffiti Removal

Removing Graffiti

Graffiti Removing by Blue Dog Painting effectively

You do not have to accept that once your property has been subject to graffiti vandalism it is there to stay. One of the most effective strategies against graffiti removing vandalism is to remove it as quickly as possible and to persist in removing

  • Graffiti can be removed.
  • Graffiti is always more easily removed if done as soon as possible after occurrence and before the paint has fully dried.

There are three key steps for effective removal:

  1. Identify the surface type and substance to be removed.
  2. Select a removal method
  3. Apply preventative measures

“he genuinely cared about helping me to protect my business”

I own a shop near a train station and you can imagine the graffiti I have had to deal with, every single week! I called Blue Dog Painting a few years ago to discuss an ongoing clean up rate, but Clayton suggested that we also look at strategies to prevent these little punks from continually costing me money. He wasn’t interested in just taking my money over and over, but he genuinely cared about helping me to protect my business. He truly is a GOOD BLOKE with old fashioned business values.

Mark, Ipswich.

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