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Metallic Floor

Metallic floor is a very sexy and classy coating which aims to give a mismatched metallic look to your flooring at a fraction of the cost of other coating.

Metallic floor consists of a self levelling clear polyurethane coating blended with coloured tints, creating a misty effect while allowing the textures and characters of the existing concrete base to show through.

Metallic floor is an epoxy based resin floor coating which comes in a range of colours to suit your project. The patterns are achieved by blending selected colours and artistically creating an artificial marble blend.

Metallic floor is ideal for your home, retail outlet or dinning establishment and much more.

8 Reasons why you should choose Blue Dog’s Metallic floor to brighten up your floors?

  1. Wide range of colour blends to suit your colour scheme.
  2. Affordable alternative to tiles and other floor coatings.
  3. Non-slip finish.
  4. Water Resistant.
  5. Can easily be re-coatable in high traffic areas.
  6. Durability that is Long Lasting.
  7. Very Easy to keep clean.
  8. Hygienic & germ resistant


Flake Flooring / Seamless Flooring

Seamless Flooring is used in domestic garages 90% of applications. A professionally installed five (5) coat system is installed over three to four days with a different process each day.

Seamless flooring is a hardwearing, long lasting decorative finish most commonly installed in residential garages. over the years we have also installed it in some of the following areas

  • Entertainment areas
  • Driveways
  • Commercial offices,
  • Amenities Blocks
  • Around swimming pools.

The system can be utilized both inside and outside and finished either as a smooth, textured or ant-slip finish. This product is ideal if you are looking for something low maintenance and easy cleaning for oil leaks and spills.

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